Have you ever heard about the erstwhile Khmer Empire in Cambodia hundreds years ago? A journey to Cambodia is definitely the thing you will never disappoint about. You could have a chance to discover the beauty of ancient Southeast Asia with numerous impressive landscapes and stunning exotic temples representing the amazingly unique ancient culture back then. The best destinations to go in Cambodia

But wait a minute! Do you know when the best time to visit Cambodia is? The nicest season you should go is between November and February. Cambodia is a tropical country so it would be extremely hot in the summer and a bit cold and rainy in the winter so this is a perfect time to give Cambodia a trip.

And now, here below are the most beautiful places I would like to recommend you to visit in Cambodia to explore how amazing the Khmer culture looked like in the past. I hope you would enjoy you holidays there, have a good time with your beloved one and experience how amazing the culture of this tropical country is.

1.Sihanoukville – A truly sunny and sandy paradise

One of the first thing coming into your mind when thinking about a tropical country is its stunning beaches, right? If you are a big fan of sunbathing and snorkeling, then Sihanoukville is for you. The spectacular beauty of this beach lies in its cool white sand and crystal clear water giving a piece of peace and a calming atmosphere which you need in a vacation to relax yourself.

The best destinations to go in Cambodia

2.Koh Ker - An abode of temples

It would be a huge mistake if you visit Cambodia but not give its numerous interesting temples a trip. Located in the northeast of the Siem Reap town, Koh Ker has stayed for hundreds years becoming one of the most famous landscapes to visit in Cambodia. Koh Ker consists of numerous temples from the sandstone Neang Khmao temple to the Pram temple and the Kuk temple.

The best destinations to go in Cambodia

3.Phnom Penh – The capital brings a new modern look to Cambodia

Phnom Penh is the most bustling city in Cambodia but could still maintain the erstwhile Khmer culture till today. Coming to visit this interesting city, you can find both ancient and modern architectures around the city, from numerous stunning palaces to cool bars and cafes. The most attractive destination for tourists when visiting Phnom Penh is the National Museum. Visitors could have a chance to discover the Khmer unique culture with a lot of amazing artifacts exhibited here in the museum.  

One more attraction you should not miss is the Royal Palace. This is definitely the place where you could find and explore how amazing the Cambodian culture is.

The best destinations to go in Cambodia

4.Angkor – A trip to one of the most amazing temple complexes in the world

Angkor Wat Temple has been known as one of the most beautiful temple complexes all over the world, especially in the southeast of Asia. The temple is located in the south of Angkor Thom and was considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World by UNESCO.

Angkor Wat Temple has a great meaning to Cambodian people in term of religion. This is not the only reason attracting tourists coming to the temple. Another attractive point about Angkor Wat is its unique and gorgeous architecture. It has a stone gateway guarded by stone-lions, moreover, within the ground, there is a seven headed naga and the Mt Meru tower.

The best destinations to go in Cambodia

5.Koh Rong – A breathtaking view of beach

Visiting Cambodia is not the story about exploring the amazing Khmer culture only, it is also about numerous stunning beaches here in this tropical country. If you are a big fan of tropical beautiful island then here you go, I have a great commendation for you here! The Koh Rong Island – a paradise of stunning beaches. If you love snorkeling and diving, then head to the island, here you can experience all of these water sports in numerous beaches. In addition, the Coconut Beach is always listed as the most attractive destinations in Cambodia. Do you know what the special thing attracting a lot of tourists coming to the Coconut Beach is? It is its gorgeous view of bio-luminescent plankton!

  • The best destinations to go in Cambodia
  • The best destinations to go in Cambodia

6.Kep and Cambodian seafood cuisine

One more attraction I would like to recommend you is Kep. This is a peaceful area with an idyllic beauty and hospitable locals. Wandering along the seashore and observing the calming beauty of the crystal clear water in the early morning is definitely the thing everyone wants to do to escape from daily grind and relax their mind.

Moreover, coming to Kep, visitors could go to the Crab market and taste numerous delicious local crabs, you get to know how amazing the Cambodian cuisine is.

The last destination of Keb I want to tell you is the Kep National Park. The park still maintains its wild beauty with stunning waterfalls and diverse wild species of animals.

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