Ha Long Bay is not only known as a World Natural Heritage but also one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the world. It has long become a significant symbol of Vietnam tourism. Visiting Vietnam without coming to Ha Long Bay would be a regrettable mistake for those who love discovering the beauty of nature. It is recorded that there were more than 900 000 visitors coming to the bay between January and April in 2017. Ha Long Bay – the beauty of nature – an attractive destination of Vietnam tourism


Ha Long Bay is located in Quang Ninh Province. The bay belongs to the west of Bac Bo Gulf in the northeast of Viet Nam. It is 164km far from Hanoi, it would take up to 4 hours driving to Ha Long Bay. Totally, the area of the bay is about 1,553km² with approximately 2 000 islands and islets. The 2 most famous islands representing the most rustic beauty of Ha Long Bay are the Bai Tu Long Bay and the Lan Ha Bay.

Ha Long Bay is famous for its distinctive stunning 1,969 islands varying in sizes. Here tourists could find numerous islands sculpted incredibly by nature creating a spectacular seascape for millions years.

These rocky and earthen islands have many different forms but the most common form is the one of jagged limestone pillars. In addition, the attractiveness of Ha Long Bay also lies on its hundreds spectacular caves and grottoes such as Thien Cung (Heavenly Palace Grotto), Dau Go (Driftwood Grotto) and Sung Sot (Surprise Grotto). All together give the bay an exotic and picturesque seascape that none could forget after observing even only one time.

Ha Long Bay – the beauty of nature – an attractive destination of Vietnam tourism

Legends about Ha Long Bay

Ha Long” in Vietnamese means “The dragon descends to the sea”.

Vietnamese people have two similar legends about the origin of Ha Long Bay. The first folklore is about the time when there was a dragon stomping on the Earth so strongly making the mountains to crumble creating numerous huge valleys little by little filled with water. Nowadays, people could only see the peaks of those mountains – they are the rocky limestone islands of Ha Long Bay today. Another legend says that there was a dragon having a large tail. Its tail tore up the earth in this area creating various big valleys and crevices filled with water later when the giant dragon jumped into the nearby water.

Ha Long Bay – the beauty of nature – an attractive destination of Vietnam tourism

Historical value

Ha Long Bay has been playing the most important role in Vietnamese culture of history.

There were a lot of wars against many different enemies occurring in this area during a long period of time.

During the wars against China in the past, the bay has helped Vietnamese navy to stop the steeps of Chinese invader to the north of Vietnam at least three times.

In the Vietnamese war against the United States, there were a lot of mines done by the American Navy posing a dangerous threat to local fishermen even until today.

Ha Long Bay – the beauty of nature – an attractive destination of Vietnam tourism

Cultural value

Ha Long Bay is the most important evidence of the ancient Hoabinhian Culture. This interesting culture existed thousands year ago and is explored through various stone artifacts found in the area of the bay.

Ha Long Bay – the beauty of nature – an attractive destination of Vietnam tourism

Geomorphological characters of Ha Long Bay

The bay has a distinctive geomorphology with the unique combination of its stunning limestone karsts that you could not find anywhere else. Its most common karst is the Fenglin karst, which is characterized by many different steep isolated towers. 

Ha Long Bay – the beauty of nature – an attractive destination of Vietnam tourism


Coming to Ha Long Bay, tourists could have a chance to see various types of tropical marine and land animals such as mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds.

Ha Long Bay owns an amazing ecosystem of a tropical ocean region with numerous species of gastropoda, bivalvia, coral reefs or crab.

In addition, the bay also has its own ecosystem of tropical rain forests featured by diverse rare and precious species such as deer, weasel or even white-tabby and red-haired monkeys.

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