When it comes to Vietnam tourism, Ha Giang is always listed as one of the most common destinations to visit attracting thousands domestic and foreign tourists coming every year, especially in the blossoming seasons. Ha Giang – a rustic beauty with the cultural diversity

Ha Giang is located in the northeast area of Vietnam and bounded by Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai and Yen Bai Provinces. It has a common international border with the south of China.

The interesting thing impressing visitors when they come to Ha Giang is its harmonious composition of numerous stunning high karst plateau, steep hills, winding roads and ethnic cultural diversity.

So if you are the type of person who wants to explore the rustic beauty of high rocky mountains, limestone formations and spectacular landscapes, then give Ha Giang a trip! You would never regret!

Ethnic minorities

Ha Giang is the hometown of many ethnic minorities such as Chechens, Tay, Hmong, Dao, Nung, Cao Lan, Hoa and Lo Lo. Each ethnic minority have its own amazing culture which is separated from another.

Here below are some stunning landscapes you should not miss when visiting Ha Giang.

Ha Giang – a rustic beauty with the cultural diversity

Dong Van Rock Plateau

It attracts tourists with its stunning beautiful landscapes and also a mysterious place attracting scientists coming to discover the ancient cultures of the area. Dong Van was recognized by UNESCO in 2010 and became a wonderful natural heritage of the world.

Dong Van is the biggest town in Ha Giang and at the same time, the most bustling place in this area. You could have a closer look at the cultural diversity here in the center of Dong Van – the Old Quarter. Wandering around the town to discover how the life of ethnic communities is and then you can head to Don Cao – a nearby hill – to observe the whole impressive beauty of Dong Van Plateau.

Ha Giang – a rustic beauty with the cultural diversity

Lung Tam Village

The Lo Lo, Hmong and Han communities live together in Lung Cam Cultural Village, near Dong Van. The village has been long famous for its amazing numerous traditional brocade weaving with beautiful handicraft products representing the most interesting parts of the ethnic cultures.

Tourists coming to Lung Cam Cultural Village could have a chance to experience these activities with local people and join them in making their own souvenirs like bags, handkerchiefs or even scarfs.

Ha Giang – a rustic beauty with the cultural diversity

Mansion of Vuong family

Another attraction in Ha Giang is the Mansion of Vuong family. This amazing mansion was built in 1019 with numerous types of high ancient green precious trees. After hundreds years, it could still maintain its unique rustic beauty.

The value of the mansion lies in its memories of an ancient noble family. Coming to the mansion, tourists could have a closer look at the Vuong family history by listening to the stories of local tour guide and observing the unique architecture of the mansion.

Ha Giang – a rustic beauty with the cultural diversity

Lung Cu Flag Tower

From Dong Van Plateau, it would take you about 90 minutes to get to Lung Cu Flag Tower. This is a huge flagpole set marking the common international border between Vietnam and China. Climbing up to the tower, you could observe the beauty of a breathtaking view of Dong Van with its numerous ethnic villages and the Happy Road right within your eye view.

Ha Giang – a rustic beauty with the cultural diversity

Local Markets

Visiting Ha Giang without exploring the local markets would make you regret. Here you could find an amazing combination of different ethnic cultures. These local markets take place every Saturday or Sunday morning. Local people coming to the market with their traditional colorful dresses and selling their own traditional stuffs. Buy the one you like the most and keep it as a memory of your trip to Ha Giang – an amazing place with an impressive cultural diversity.

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