If chicken is the most common ingredient used in many different cuisines among numerous types of meat, then cabbage is the king of the “vegetables’ kingdom”. Cabbage is prepared in various ways creating hundreds dishes with stunning flavors that could satisfy every eater, even the pickiest ones in the world. This crunchy vegetable can be well-cooked such as Cabbage Kofta or fermented like Kimchi – a Korean traditional dish that could not be missed in any Koreans’ meals. The most flavorful delicacies made from Cabbage in the world

One more reason why cabbage could get that wide popularity is because that it is really easy to buy cabbage all the time of the year, cabbage is harvested almost in all seasons of the year.

Cooking cabbage is definitely not a big deal for everyone, it is not hard at all, but the thing you should pay attention is that when cooking any types of vegetables you should choose to buy fresh ones from farmers’ markets or supermarket. Trust me, if you do it well, the aromatic taste of cabbage dishes when they come out would surprise your all taste-buds.
Now let’s discover how people from many different parts of the world make their own cabbage dishes from this simple but delightfully delicious ingredient.

Cabbage Kofta

The way people prepare this delightful Cabbage Kofta is quite simple. The first thing you need is shredded cabbage, then marinate it with spices, herbs, garlic and chilli based on your own preference. After mixing the mixture well, make it into medium-sized balls and deep fry. The secret making this amazing dish lies on the coconut milk and garam masala you would use to make the sauce. These two important ingredients could not only bring flavors to your dish but also could make it more creamy and tasty.

The most flavorful delicacies made from Cabbage in the world

Steamed Chinese Cabbage Parcels

Chinese people make their amazing Cabbage Parcels in the same way as they make their traditional dumplings. But the new thing is that they use cabbage leaves here in this dish instead of gyoza/potsticker wrappers or wonton skins. It is such an interesting twist, right?

You can use minced chicken or pork as you like, just make sure that it is well-marinated with all spices. You can add some minced mushrooms or carrots or even onion to highlight all the flavors, as well. Then wrap the mixture with cabbage leaves and steam until they all get tender and cooked.

The dish is served with some topping herbs or coriander leaves and dipping sauce of Chinese black vinegar.

The most flavorful delicacies made from Cabbage in the world

Stuffed Capsicum with Carrots and Cabbage

Stuffed Capsicum with carrots and cabbage is the most famous Moldovan or Bulgarian traditional dish. This amazing dish is a rich and yummy dish that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Capsicum can be stuffed with all types of ingredients from meat, vegetables or even rice and mushrooms. But today, I would like to recommend a Stuffed Capsicum prepared with carrots and cabbage. When all the aromatic flavors of the dish are mixed and soaked together, you could get a gorgeous and crispy capsicum that could fill you during the whole day.In addition, the flavors of bell peppers mixed with savoury cabbage rolls wrapping a rich mixture of minced meat and spices inside could blow up your mind!

  • The most flavorful delicacies made from Cabbage in the world
  • The most flavorful delicacies made from Cabbage in the world
  • The most flavorful delicacies made from Cabbage in the world


This Korean fermented delicacy carries a plenty of flavors from sweet to sour. People eat Kimchi in many different ways, just simply with rice, or even making Kimchi-pancakes with seafood. The secret of Koreans to make a perfect Kimchi based on the spices they add into it when fermenting the dish using garlic, ginger, Korean spicy chilli powder and soya sauce.

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