Winter does not mean that you should stay home enjoying your holidays at home with your family without hanging out at all. When it comes to a winter break, there is a plenty of things you could do outdoor, one of them that could make people excited just thinking about it is going snowboarding. Snowboarding is one of the most common winter sports in America. But do you know which places are the best to go? Here below I would like to recommend you some amazing places you could go enjoying snowboarding and spend time with your family during a short winter. The most amazing snowboarding places to go in the U.S.

Snowbird, Utah, America

The first place that is always listed as the best place to go when it comes to snowboarding in the U.S. is Snowbird, which is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Here is a perfect place for both professional and amateur snowboarding players because of its ideal lightness.

For those who have just started playing this amazing game recently, they could choose the smoother and flatter terrain. But for those who already mastered the game, they loving coming to Snowbird because of its famous vertical terrain and more than 4500 massive snowing fields for snowboarding. Just imagine how fantastic it would be doing some amazing jumps and jibs on those high slopes.

  • The most amazing snowboarding places to go in the U.S.
  • The most amazing snowboarding places to go in the U.S.
  • The most amazing snowboarding places to go in the U.S.

Telluride, Colorado, America

Colorado is known as one of the most famous snowboarding spots in America. There are plenty of places you would choose to enjoy your winter break and go skiing here in this state. In every corner of the state once the snow starts falling, people gather and enjoy the warm-hearted winter atmosphere here in town and go snowboarding is definitely an indispensable activity to do. Among those famous spots, I would like to recommend you Telluride.

If you do not like a place that is always crowded by people, then Telluride is a right choice for you. The special thing about Telluride is that there is no long queue of visitors and its peaceful atmosphere you could find here. All of this could make your winter vacation to Telluride unforgettable.

In addition, if you have just started this amazing winter game, then go to Telluride. Slopes of Telluride are not that high but quite flat instead. Here they also offer a lot of snowboarding courses that are suitable for amateur players. You do not need to worry about the height of steeps here in this lovely town because, even at the highest peaks, it would not be so challenging.

The most amazing snowboarding places to go in the U.S.

Mammoth Mountain, California, America

There must be reasons why Mammoth Mountain was listed as the best snowboarding spot for a winter getaway with your beloved family. Let’s discover what make Mammoth Mountain become a perfect destination for family.

It is an ideal skiing spot for both professional and amateur skiers. The slopes here in the central park of Mammoth Mountains vary in different heights and sizes. Government put a lot of efforts to design the part making it suitable for all types of players, from flat steeps to highly vertical terrain. The fantastic feelings when doing jumps and jibs could make your winter vacation unforgettable here in Mammoth Mountain.

One more attractive thing about the mountain is that it is almost the first skiing spot to open in the year in America, and would be closed in the late of July. So it would be convenient for you to manage your busy schedule to come here and enjoy the vacation with your lovers.

The most amazing snowboarding places to go in the U.S.

Squaw Valley, California, America

Unlike Mammoth Mountain, here in Squaw Valley, unfortunately, you could only find the spots for professional skiers. With its extremely vertical slopes, the valley challenges your gallantry when doing jumps and jibs.

If you do not like a place that is crowded by a lot of people, then come to Squaw Valley during weekdays and enjoy the atmosphere with your beloved ones. The valley is full of different types of steeps varying in heights, some are made artificially, and some are created naturally.

The most amazing snowboarding places to go in the U.S.

Alpine Meadows, California, America

The most appealing thing attracting visitors coming to Alpine Meadows is its impressively beautiful Lake Tahoe. Close your eyes and imagine that you are on the highest peak of a massive snow field in Alpine Meadows looking down to the lake observing the beauty of this breathtaking view from above. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

The terrain here in Alpine Meadows is quite similar to the one in Mammoth Mountain, but a little bit smoother. That is the reason why it is also an ideal snowboarding spot for both skilled skiing players and beginners.

For amateur skiers, smooth and low steeps are perfect choices. They could also join some courses where they will be taught some skills how to go snowboarding properly like an expert.

And for skilled players, they would chose some higher and more challenging terrain to enjoy snowboarding in Alpine Meadows.

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