New Year’s Eve is always considered as one of the most sacred moments of the year. It is the time when all the members of the family gather together celebrating the coming of a new year. Everyone has their own ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Some love hanging out with friends, counting down the seconds till the clock strikes midnight while some prefer staying home preparing some traditional dishes with their families. What American people eat on New Year Day

American people have a strong belief that what they eat on New Year’s Day could bring either good luck or bad luck to them all through the upcoming year. In this article, let’s take a look at how American people celebrate this sacred moment of the year represented by what they cook traditionally on New Year’s Day.

1. Pork

Pork is the most popular food all over the world. So it is obvious that pork is also the main ingredient used in every American meal when a new year comes. In addition, American people believe that eating pork on New Year’s Day could bring good luck to them because the interesting thing about pigs is that they root forward while searching for food. This refers the promising progress of life in the future. You will never move backward, just keep moving forward to find bigger opportunities in life.

Moreover, pork is always known as a fatty and delicious type of meat, it symbolizes wealth as well. It is believed that eating pork could help you to get more money and become wealthier in the next year.

What American people eat on New Year Day

2. Shiny-scaled fish

Do you know why fishes have scales and fins? Their use their own scales and fins to swim forward. This is just similar to the case of pork.

Having a dish of shiny-scaled fish on New Year’s Day is believed to bring you more fortunes in the upcoming year. Your future could be as shiny as this lucky dish, I am just kidding, but this is what American people believe actually. Not only in the US, but also in other countries around the world such as China or Poland, they also believe in the same thing as Americans do.

So if you are an American, make sure that you have one dish of pickled herring or any other types of shiny-scaled fish plated on the table when New Year’s Eve is coming outdoor.

What American people eat on New Year Day

3. Greens

If shiny-scaled fish is the symbol of a shiny future, then greens are the symbols of money. It symbolizes the green shade of dollar bill In the American tradition, a new year’s dinner could never be prefect without a plate of boiled cabbage, sauerkraut, kale or leafy vegetables. In addition, green is also known as a lucky color.

So if you do also believe in this, make sure that you have a bowl of greens on New Year’s Day.

What American people eat on New Year Day

4. Black-eyed peas

Similar to greens, black-eyed peas or beans are also believed as the symbols of coins and wealth. A delightful dish made from well-marinated pork and black-eyed peas is obligatory for the first dinner of the new year in America.

Moreover, there is a special dish called Hoppin’ John’s dish. It origins from the South of the continent. It is cooked using black-eyed peas, pork and rice whenever a new year comes. The dish itself symbolizes fortunes and wealth in the next promising year.

What American people eat on New Year Day

5. Cornbread

Another symbol for wealth is cornbread. The yellow shade of a cornbread reminds us about gold. For American people, it would be a big mistake if you miss cornbread in your fist dinner of a new year. No matter how busy you are preparing for New Year’s Day party, do not forget to put a cornbread on your plate to bring good luck for a new year ahead full of promising opportunities.

What American people eat on New Year Day

6. Ring-shaped cake

Just like other cultures in the world, a ring-shaped cake in American culture means good luck. What is the point eating a ring-shaped cake on New Year’s Day? This sweet and fluffy cake is believed to bring you more fortunes during the next coming year.

What American people eat on New Year Day

7. Round fruits

Any types of round-shaped food could be considered as the symbol of luck and absolutely indispensable for the first New Year’s Day dinner. In America, it represent 12 months of the year. In addition, the round shape of fruits symbolizes coins which mean wealth.

But what shouldn’t you eat on New Year’s Day?

Americans try avoiding catfish, crab, lobster and poultry on New Year’s Day. Moreover, they would not eat pork, chickens either because they believe that chickens move backward when seeking for food. This would be a bad sign for your new year which means that you would probably not be able to move forward, make big steps and move up the career ladder.

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