Netherlands is always listed as one of the most popular destinations in the world worth a visit. If you are planning your next summer getaway, make sure that you give this European country a trip. When it comes to the national symbols of Netherlands, all would say it is windmill and tulip. But you are afraid that you could miss the short blossoming time of tulip (which is from April to May), then do not worry, I got you a good news. You could still find it, and have yourself lost in the mind-blowing beauty of tulip fields since Netherlands – the wonderland for flower-lovers

Due to the development of the country, it is getting hard to conserve the Dutch traditional culture nowadays. But people in Netherlands are doing their best to maintain their traditional lifestyle. They spend time outdoor with their lovers at the weekend to enjoy the idyllic beauty of the country by going to numerous Dutch-styled flower gardens.  These famous flower gardens in Netherlands give the country a signature appearance.

Here below are some top best flower gardens that I would like to recommend you for your next getaway in Netherlands. Now let’s take a look.

Open Garden Days

If you are planning for a summer getaway to Amsterdam – the heart of Netherlands, make sure that you check this exciting association out. It is only held during three days of June. Keep in mind that this happens between the period of time from 10am till 5pm.

This is considered as one of the biggest flower exhibitions in the country where all the top famous flower garden in Amsterdam gather together celebrating the event. Imagine this is definitely a paradise for those who love flowers, especially tulip – the national symbol of the country.

The gardens you could find on Open Garden Days in the city are always covered by a lot of different types of lush plants and flowers from different parts of the country that could blow your mind.

Here are some famous stunning gardens full of beautiful blossoming flowers I know so far: Amnesty International, Museum Van Loon and Huis Marseille, or Museum Willet-Holthuysen.

Netherlands – the wonderland for flower-lovers

Clingendael Japanese Garden

You could find the beauty of Japanese and Dutch arts in gardening when coming to the amazing Clingendael Japanese Garden.

It is located in the area between the Hague and Wassenaar. It represents the harmony of the beauty of the two countries, one from the east, another one from the western part of the world. It sounds amazing, right? Now let’s take a look at what are the things making the garden special that much?

The first signature of the garden that you could not find nowhere else is a Japanese-styled bridge connecting 2 different parts of the garden giving visitors the feeling of moving to another part of the world, from a western country to an eastern country, where they would find another wonderland full of eastern-styled beautiful flowers after observing the beauty of those western lush green trees and blossoming flowers.

The garden welcomes visitors two months every year. Visitors from all over the world could have a chance to enjoy the special festival of numerous types of stunning flowers. They all blossom and spread their distinctive radiant scents into the air giving people a sense of relief.

If you need a temporary escape from a tiring day at work, then this stunning Clingendael Japanese Garden would be one of the suggestions you should highly consider.

Netherlands – the wonderland for flower-lovers

Amsterdam Botanic Garden

Here is another flower garden in Amsterdam – Amsterdam Botanic Garden. The garden has been exhibiting many different types of stunning flowers since 1683. The name has the origin from a Latin word – Hortus Botanicus which means the land of calmness. Unlike other two flower gardens above, you could visit Amsterdam Botanic Garden whenever you want, whenever you feel like, whenever you need an escape to find yourself. It opens the whole long year.

The garden is also the land for diverse winter flowers. One more interesting thing about this amazing flower garden is its Palm House.

In addition, during summer, the garden extends the visiting time a little bit longer to serve a higher amount of people coming to enjoy the charming and relaxing atmosphere in this stunning Dutch-styled garden.

Netherlands – the wonderland for flower-lovers

Canal Flower Parade

Coming to the Canal flower parade, you would be so impressed by the amazingly well-decorated boats. They are decorated with Dutch signature flower – tulip varying in diverse colors giving the garden a lively appearance.

Aalsmeer flower garden

It is true to say that Amsterdam is really a wonderland of flowers. Here you go, another flower garden in the capital city of Netherlands. Do you know that the biggest flower exhibition in the world whidh is held right here in Aalsmeer?

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