Have you ever heard about Angkor Wat? I am sure that if you are an Asian culture-lover you definitely know about this symbolic temple of Cambodia – Angkor Wat Temple. This amazing temple is known as one of the most amazing destinations to visit when coming to this Southeast Asian country. Angkor Wat – one of the most popular national symbol of Cambodia

But what are the things that make Angkor Wat so special and unique?

The temple represents the beauty of Khmer culture in the past. It attract thousands visitors per year due to its remarkably impressive architecture.

That is the reason why Angkor Wat is always listed on the list of famous places in the world that most people look for when planning their summer getaway. Now let’s talk a little bit about Angkor Wat and discover how meaningful the temple is in Cambodian culture.

Angkor Wat – one of the most popular national symbol of Cambodia

Angkor Wat – an iconic temple representing Cambodian ancient culture

The temple was built Suryavarman II for the religious purpose. It is a national symbol of Cambodian ancient culture representing the citizens’ enormous faith in religion.

Cambodian people are so proud of Angkor Wat, they consider the temple as the representation of an indispensable part of Cambodian religious culture.

What are the special things about Angkor Wat?

The orientation of the temple

It is believed that Angkor Wat is not only a simple temple itself, but it is also Suryavarman II’s mausoleum at the same time. To sum up with this conclusion, scientists went through a lot of researches about this sacred symbol. Do you know that west is believed as the direction of death? Do you know that it is also the direction of Angkor Wat? Do not be surprised yet. It is not just because of that. The original orientation of the temple represents Hindu funerary ceremony, as well.

Angkor Wat – one of the most popular national symbol of Cambodia

The detailed design with many different celestial nymphs

An amazing thing about the beauty in the architecture of Angkor Wat is that on its wall, you could find thousands different sculptures of apsaras (celestial nymphs) varying in numerous styles, shapes and sizes. None of them have similar style. They are all different and have their own attractiveness in design. But unfortunately, in the years of 1980s, there was a project with the purpose to cleaning the temple using chemicals which were not really friendly for these apsaras. This led to the damage of some of them. But then they were repaired in a project with the cooperation with a German team.

Angkor Wat – one of the most popular national symbol of Cambodia

The masterpiece with an impressively elaborate design

You would be extremely overwhelmed by the elaborate design of Angkor Wat when coming to this amazing sacred temple. You could have a chance to observe the beauty of all of the splendid sculptures here when entering the temple. They are carved to represent Cambodian important historical events which happened hundreds years ago and stories about the country’s various great legends.

Angkor Wat – one of the most popular national symbol of Cambodia

From an iconic symbol of religion to a miniature of the world

If you notice the general structure of the temple, you could see the amazing point I would like to point out here right now. The design of the temple is believed to be inspired mainly by Hindu thought.

Entering the main gate of the temple, the first thing you would see is the impressively astonishing sculpture of Vishnu which might remind you about how the universe firstly was created.

In addition, the heart of the whole temple is Mt Meru. It looks like a tower surrounded by several courtyards at lower positions which represent continents of the Earth. Around each lower courtyard is the moat which represents oceans surrounding continents.

You could also find the sculpture of a seven-headed naga here. This is also known as a mythical serpent. It is believed to be the symbol of the bridge created specially for those who always do good things and are accepted to go to the place of Gods upthere.

As I mentioned before, the temple was built with the purpose to become Suryavarman II’s mausoleum. But this never happened due to the fact that Suryavarman II died while fighting against the army of Dai Viet (Vietnamese) in the battle he created himself for invading Vietnam.

Angkor Wat – one of the most popular national symbol of Cambodia

How could Cambodian ancient people build such an impressive masterpiece like Angkor Wat complex?

The main materials used for the design of the temple are sandstone blocks brought through a long way from the holy mountain of Phnom Kulen. After going through all of the struggles, the temple was completed bringing an impressive design and has become a sacred symbol of the country.

A sacred symbol of religion in Cambodia – the pride of Cambodian people

As we all know, Angkor Wat was designed to become a sacred place for religious believers, as well. It represents the beauty of Khmer religious culture. So all immodest clothes are prohibited here, those visitors who want to go up to the highest level of the temple need to wear modest clothes covering their entire extremities.

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