When it comes to American cuisine, classics and junk food like burgers, chips, hot dogs, pancakes are the most common and well-known, contributing to “typical American lifestyle”. But the American also have relish for amazingly good stuff that we know you will want to take a bite.
  • Top 10 must-try American dishes
  • Top 10 must-try American dishes
  • Top 10 must-try American dishes
  • Top 10 must-try American dishes
  • Top 10 must-try American dishes

1_ Tater Tots

While French citizens are proud of their globally favored potato fries, their American peers have come up with another variation of the dish that appears all over school cafeteria and drive-ins. They name it Tater Tots, or potato nuggets. Being registered as a trademark, Tater Tots is the intellectual property of Ore-Ida company. It is simply mashed potatoes mixed with seasoning and flour, then shaped into cylindrical form before getting deep-fry. This dish is recognized by its hash brown exterior – a sign of tempting crisp – and iconic cylinder look.

2. Chicken fried steak and gravy

Simple as it seems, this dish only tastes delicious when cooked just right. The choice of chicken and coating and the cooking time are very important. A thin steak is coated with bread crumbs or seasoned flour, dipped in a thick butter-and-egg mixture, and returned for a second coat. This coat will then bring an appealing look and smell to the dish. But chicken fried steak is not completed without traditional “white gravy”, which is a creamy, well-seasoned sauce. To vary the taste, you can have it with any vegetable of your choice.

3. Cornbread

Originated from the South, cornbread has been so popular across the country that almost everyone knows what makes good cornbread. In fact, there are numerous recipes thanks to the creativity and appetite of the bakers, each one puts together distinguished taste and structure of the cornbread. You can have either a sweet and fluffy cornbread or a moist and dense one. Whatever the choice is, cornbread makes a great side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

4. Meatloaf

It is indeed a family’s favorite recipe. Made from ground beef, meatloaf is far more different from a hamburger since it is so juicy and tasty. After combining the beef and the seasoning consisting of eggs, bread crumbs and other ingredients, the mixture is shaped into a loaf and placed in a foil-lined pan for baking. For the top coat, you can use ketchup or home-made glaze, this adds a lot more flavor to your meatloaf. The native American usually serve it with mash potatoes and veggies.

5. Macaroni and cheese

This easy-cheesy homemade mac and cheese is the traditional comfort food and an instant life-saver for busy (or lazy) people. Not only is it simple to make, but there are also a lot of mix-in possibilities. By adding cheese into macaroni and stirring continuously, you have a creamy, gooey, glorious dish in one pot and in just about 10 minutes! Furthermore, feel free to add bacon, onions, tomatoes, and even lobster to your mac and cheese pot.

6. Barbecue ribs

This sticky-fingered classic is suitable for many occasions, from a family meal or an out-door party. A glistening, smoky, slow-cooked rib, either pork or beef, is going to make people groan for a bite. Whether using an oven or a charcoal grill, it is crucial to keep it slow to get tender, perfect BBQ ribs. A coat of BBQ sauce adds the final touch to the dish.

7. Apple pie

Although it does not originate from the U.S, apple pie is the most preferred pie in the country according to the American Pie Council. They even have an expression “as American as apple pie”. This recipe requires effort, patience and good baking skills. A divine result coming from the oven is a pie with flaky, buttery crust and a gooey, sweet apple filling.

8. Chocolate chip cookies

How to make cookies even more flavorful? Add chocolate chips! A fleshly baked cookie loaded with tiny chocolate chips as many as your heart desires is a downright delicious treat. It is slightly crispy on the outside, soft and gooey in the center. The cookie should have the irresistible goodness of chocolate and butter, with a tinge of caramel flavor enhanced by sea salt on top. You can enjoy your cookies with a cold glass of milk like an American would do.

9. Chicago-style pizza

Chicago-style pizza or Deep dish pizza is so famous that you should expect long lines and long waits in front of the best pizza restaurants. What makes this pizza special is its deep dish that can stand two inches tall. The buttery crust is filled with lots of meat, cheese, tomato chunks and authentic Italian spices.

10. Nachos

This dish from northern Mexico has become the ultimate American classic. There are plenty of variations of nachos to serve as a main course or snack. It mainly consists of tortilla chips, cheese-based sauce and alterable ingredients. You can have savory, chewy beef nachos or light, fresh guacamole and veggies nachos. Tailor it to your tastes!

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